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Volunteer Opportunities

A volunteer who works one-on-one with women who may be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Volunteer training and preparation is provided and required. Information and advice is offered in the areas of fetal development, abortion procedures and risks, lifestyle choices and consequences, alternative help, hope and faith for the future.
Volunteers answer telephone hotlines which are listed in the Yellow Pages under Abortion Alternatives.These volunteers talk to women who are considering having an abortion. Phone lines are transferred to resident homes in the evenings after business hours. Volunteer training is provided and required.
Donations to Foundation for Life help with the day-to-day operational expenses, and provide resources such as:educational materials, literature distribution, special events, community outreach, and newsletter mail-outs. Donations specified for our Maternal Assistance program are used to help women facing crisis pregnancy situations, providing them with positive and practical alternatives to abortion.
Assisting with The Life Advocate newsletter mail-out, filing, data entry, office organization, special projects and fundraisers.
Day and evening babysitters needed to watch children while their moms are in counseling or participating in the Life Center curriculum .
Volunteers who drive women to crisis centers for counseling and classes. Also, volunteers who pick up donated maternity and baby items and deliver them to the Life Center.
Gifts for the distribution center benefit women who decide to carry their babies to term and who participate in the Life Center curriculum. Needed donations:diapers, maternity / baby clothing, car seats, cribs, walkers, strollers, computers, school supplies, bus tokens, grocery gift certificates, career clothing, etc.
A volunteer who temporarily houses a needy, expectant mom until other arrangements are made. If you would like to volunteer in this way, by opening your doors to someone in crisis, a tape series will be available to help prepare and equip you for this task.
This volunteer would be "on call" in case of an "emergency" involving assembling, disassembling, constructing, painting, fixing, heavy lifting, moving and other such jobs.
Volunteers who organize, fold and itemize new donations, as well as fill-out, mail and file itemized receipts to contributors. This person also oversees the distribution of clothes and items to women who have earned "Life Dollars," and documents the items each woman receives.
Volunteers who make refreshments and serve as hosts for special meetings, seminars, volunteer training, fundraising events, etc.
Prayer is a vital part of our ministry. These volunteers would phone the office once a week to receive prayer requests involving the needs at Foundation for Life, the women, and the children whose lives hang in the balance. Intercessors may periodically convene in person or by phone for group prayer.
This person may be called upon to speak at schools, churches or other meetings. Public speaking and debate topics vary from abortion, abstinence, and other life and family issues. Speakers are also needed to represent our organization to agencies requesting a presentation of our program. Completion of our volunteer training, and approval by the board is required before representing Foundation for Life.
Anyone may volunteer in this capacity by simply acting as a link between our ministry and your church. This networking with local churches serves many purposes. It informs church members about our special events and volunteer opportunities, educates our community on relevant life and family issues, and provides a church contact for program participants who may want to attend church in your area.
Training for volunteers and post-abortion recovery training is available for this area of ministry. Many women who call our hotlines have experienced past abortions and suffer some degree of hurt, guilt, anger or shame. These women need guidance through a Biblically-based recovery program to help them discover God's love and truth, and His path of restoration and healing.