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Pregnancy Help
Real Solutions for Problem Pregnancies
Pregnant? Need Help? Maternal Assistance Program can help you! We are not only a listening ear, but we provide positive alternatives and loving soluitons to your problem pregnancy.
Crisis Pregnancy Intervention
  • counseling hotlines
  • a listening ear
  • advice and information
  • personal guidance
  • referrals

Crisis Pregnancy Emergency Aid
  • maternity items
  • baby Items, baby formula & diapers
  • bus tokens / transportation

Crisis Pregnancy Medical Aid
  • free pregnancy testing
  • medicaid proof of pregnancy form
  • ultrasounds

General Help & Referrals
  • professional counseling referrals
  • social services and support groups
  • substance abuse intervention
  • child care
  • legal aid
  • adoption options
  • emotional / spiritual support
  • food, clothing and shelter
  • physician consultations