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Maternal Assistance Program
Abortion Alternatives & Loving Solutions for Problem Pregnancies

Pregnant...Need A Friend?

We are here to provide practical help during your pregnancy.

Women normally find our agency by looking in the Yellow Pages under "Abortion Alternatives". For those debating their options, wanting honest information and advice about fetal development, the physical and psychological risks of abortion, parenting, adoption, post-abortion stress, lifestyle choices, family relationships and reconciliation, spiritual, educational and occupational guidance...for the young lady who is forced to leave her home...for the woman who is abandoned by her boyfriend or husband...for the single mom who is already struggling to make ends meet...for the student and the employee...for the victims of physical or emotional abuse...for ALL who are pregnant, lacking hope and help, Maternal Assistance is a positive and practical alternative.

And these three remain, faith, hope and love...but the greatest of these is LOVE.

What is your definition of love? Have you ever been hurt by the lack of love? Has the selfishness, rejection or negligence of someone you cared for ever caused you pain? Will you treat your baby with the same kind of selfishness and rejection which may have hurt you in the past? Or will you love differently, as you would want to be loved?

"It just happened!"

Whether or not a woman feels she has chosen pregnancy, once "it happens" she becomes the guardian of a tiny baby nestled in the soft lining of her womb. The choices she now makes will affect both her life, and the life of her little "stowaway", tucked securely within her. Our "right to choose" should always be exercised within the bounds of our responsibility to choose right.

All rights are subject to individuals, families, societies, countries, laws and ultimately God. But according to Victor Frankl, a man who suffered the injustice of a Nazi concentration camp, there is one right which may never be denied. "We always have the right to choose our attitude." What attitude will be the basis of our decisions – fear or faith? Fear necessitates control, reasoning that if we are in control of something, then we do not have to be afraid of it. Faith, however, necessitates trust. Honestly facing the frailties of our humanity, our fears and our difficult circumstances gives us opportunities to grow in faith, trusting in Someone bigger than ourselves.

"No one understands. I feel all alone!"

Many women have stood where you now stand and have felt what you now feel. Maternal Assistance Program"No temptation has seized you except what is common to other people, but God is faithful, and will provide a way of escape so that you can bear it." The question is: Will you wait and accept the way of God, or will you fall into the hands of temptation by forging your own way? "A way of escape" does not mean the quick, easy fixes offered by an immature and selfish society which seeks to avoid the responsibilities and pain of its actions. For a more appropriate picture of "a way of escape," imagine yourself caught in a building consumed with flames. In desperation you cry out to God for help, and then miraculously you stumble across the fire escape, leading you to safety. By the grace and power of God, we can avoid falling into the burning flames of temptation, finding instead a way that leads to life. God promises to save us from sin, not to sin. If you choose to trust God in spite of your past failures, He will make a way for you to bear up under the challenges, hurts and difficulties of your present situation.

"But I need REAL help!"

Maternal Assistance is just one of the many ministries of mercy which serves the real needs of women facing unplanned pregnancies. From simply lending a listening ear to lending a helping hand with food, clothing, baby items, prenatal health care, rent and utilities, Maternal Assistance helps anyone who genuinely needs it, having no where else to turn. For ALL who are pregnant, lacking hope and help, Maternal Assistance is a positive and practical alternative.

For loving solutions to unplanned pregnancies in Houston: 713-263-8400