Maternal Assistance

Abortion Alternatives & Loving Solutions for Problem Pregnancies

Who do we help?

We help anybody and everybody, regardless of ethnicity, race, creed or socioeconomic status. We welcome families, friends and children as we work to create a loving caring environment for our clients, the women we serve


Free pregnancy Tests


Free ultrasounds


Free Maternity and Baby items


Free counseling


Free classes


Free Baby food


Maternal Assistance Program offers educational programs designed to help women in problem pregnancies. These classes offer a positive outlook to pregnancy and the future of the mom and child. The classes are not only educational, they build self-esteem, provide encouragement, build character, help them plan for the future and provide insight to motherhood and the birth process.

Pregnancy Aerobics Class

This is a low-impact fitness class for expectant moms and post-pregnancy moms. If pregnant, your doctor's permission is required prior to attendance.

Life Search

This is a self-esteem support group based on Search for Significance by Robert McGee, a professional counselor. This group identifies basic human fears and needs, offering hope and foundational resources of self-worth and personal value.

Life Choices

This is a series of classes covering such topics as parenting, financial planning and basic decision making.

Health & Nutrition

These classes involve viewing and discussing health education videos which promote healthy choices in all areas of life.


These classes cover the basic everyday parenting skills which lend support to single moms. This class is not valid for a court ordered certificate.


These classes cover the stages of labor, pain management during labor, the birth, individual birth plans, labor assistance and support.

Life Center

Need Help? Real Solutions for Problem Pregnancies.
Maternal Assistance Program can help you! We offer positive alternatives and loving solutions to your problem pregnancy.

One of the many ministries of mercy which serves the real needs of women facing unplanned pregnancies. From lending a listening ear to lending a helping hand with food, clothing, baby items, prenatal health care, rent and utilities, Maternal Assistance helps women who genuine need of it, who have no where else to turn, who are pregnant, lacking hope and seeking help.

    Crisis Pregnancy Intervention
  • —Counseling hot–lines
  • —A listening ear
  • —Advice and information
  • —Personal guidance
  • —Referrals
    Crisis Pregnancy Emergency Aid
  • —Maternity items
  • —Baby Items, baby formula & diapers
  • —Bus tokens and other transportation help
    Crisis Pregnancy Medical Aid
  • —Free pregnancy testing
  • —Medicaid proof of pregnancy form
  • —Ultrasound
    General Help & Referrals
  • —Professional counseling referrals
  • —Social services and support groups
  • —Substance abuse intervention
  • —Child care
  • —Legal aid
  • —Adoption options
  • —Emotional & spiritual support
  • —Food, clothing and shelter

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