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Life Center

Maternal Assistance Program offers an educational program designed to help women in problem pregnancies. These classes offer a positive outlook to pregnancy and the future of the mom and child. The classes are not only educational, they build self-esteem, provide encouragement, build character, help them plan for the future and provide insight to motherhood and the birth process.

  • Pregnancy Aerobics Class
    This is a low-impact fitness class for expectant moms and post-pregnancy moms. If pregnant, your doctor's permission is required prior to attendance.
  • Life Search
    This is a self-esteem support group based on Search for Significance by Robert McGee, a professional counselor.This group identifies basic human fears and needs, offering hope and foundational resources of self-worth and personal value.
Maternal Assistance Program, Houston, Texas
  • Life Choices
    This is a series of classes covering such topics as parenting, financial planning and basic decision making.
  • Health & Nutrition
    These classes involve viewing and discussing health education videos which promote healthy choices in all areas of life.
  • Parenting
    These classes cover the basic everyday parenting skills which lend support to single moms. This class is not valid for a court ordered certificate.
  • Childbirth
    These classes cover the stages of labor, pain management during labor, the birth, individual birth plans, labor assistance and support.